Atoms can be devided

In the field of Physics, there was a theory known as ‘Atomism’. That ‘atom’ is the smallest part of matter, which cannot be divided. This theory was propounded by Democrats, the Greek, twenty-three centuries ago. And it was also known to the Arabs - and the Arabic word for atom, is ‘Zarra’. But today, after science has advanced, we have come to know that though ‘atom’ is the smallest particle of matter, having the characteristic of the element - it yet can be divided, into electrons, protons, etc. So people may think that the Qur'an is outdated. The Qur'an does speak about ‘Zarra’, and says It is a minute particle, but nowhere does it say that it cannot be divided. In fact, the Qur'an says in Surah Sabah, Ch. No. 34, Verse No. 3. It says that… ‘When the unbelievers say that the hour will never come - tell them… it will surely come with the permission of the Lord who has the knowledge of the unseen, who has in His record, the minutest detail of an atom in the heaven and in the earth - and in His record is perspicuous things, smaller and greater than the ‘atom’. The Qur'an says therefore – ‘things smaller and greater than the atom’. So Qur'an is not outdated… it is up to date. A similar message is repeated in Surah Yunus, Ch. No. 10, Verse No. 61 that… ‘In Allah's record is perspicuous things, smaller and greater than the atom’.


Every living thing from water

In the field of Biology, the Holy Qur'an says in Surah Al Anbiya, Ch. No. 21, Verse No. 30 ‘We have created every living thing from water - Will you not then believe?’ Imagine in the deserts of Arabia, where there was scarcity of water, the Qur'an says… ‘Every thing was created from water’ - who would have believed in it? Anything else the Qur'an would have said people could have believed. ‘Water’ - where there was scarcity - the Qur'an says 1400 years ago… ‘Every living thing is created from water’. Today we have come to know, that Cytoplasm which is the basic substance of the living cell contains 80% water. Every living creature contains 50 to 70% water, and without water, the living creature cannot survive - It is a must. Qur'an asks you ‘We have created from water every living thing - Will you not then believe?’ Allah is saying… ‘that everything is created from water’ - which you came to know today. Qur'an mentions that 1400 years ago… ‘Will you not then believe?’ It is asking you a question - It wants a reply. The Qur'an says in Surah Nur, Ch. No. 24, Verse No. 45, that… ‘We have created every living animal from water’. The Qur'an says in Surah Furqan, Ch. No. 25, Verse No 54… ‘We have created the man from water’. Imagine 1400 years ago, the Qur'an mentions this.

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